Three Reasons It's A Good Idea To Let Kids Go To A Haunted House With Friends

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With the entrance of the Halloween season comes haunted houses. There are haunted houses that are created to be family friendly and those for adults. If your child has reached or is near their teen years, they may be interested in going to a haunted house alone and not with parents. Here are three reasons why you should willingly allow your brave child to attend a haunted house with pals instead of parents for the first time.

Your child will experience their own limits

Parents telling a child "you are not ready" can often elicit groans and eye rolls. Instead of telling your child that they might be too scared to get through the haunted house, give them the chance to experience it for themselves. Your child will best be able to learn their limits if they are able to go through the experience. Find a haunted house fit for teens with alternative exits in the event that they get scared, then allow them to go alone. 

Groups inspire bravery

Groups of teens and preteens often inspire one another to be daredevils. If your teen is with a group of friends, they may be a little braver. Even if they scream, there will just be a little good-natured ribbing and everyone will boost each other's confidence about continuing the maze. If anyone wants to leave, the group or at least several from the group can exit with them so that no one will be alone. This way even if someone is feeling a little less than comfortable with moving through the rest of the haunted house, no one will be by themselves. 

It can be the trick or treating alternative

When your child feels a little too old for trick or treating but may still be a little young for nighttime Halloween parties a haunted house then hay ride can be the intermediate alternative celebration. Before, during, and after the haunted house, your child may be excited. They will be able to cool off and enjoy the beginning of the fall season. Make sure that the group has dinner, then is dropped off at the haunted house in plenty of time to make it through and enjoy another activity. This will keep your preteen occupied in a fun manner, plus give you time to go trick or treating with younger kids or attend your own activity. These are just a few reasons why you should consider haunted house for 2016


24 October 2016

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