4 Different Types Of Great Fireworks For Memorial Day

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The start of summer will soon be here with Memorial Day. In many states, Memorial Day weekend is the start of the legal fireworks season, where you release fireworks and celebrate with lots of bright lights in the sky. When it comes to planning a great fireworks display, it helps to understand the options that are available to you. Type #1: Smoke Bombs Smoke bombs are fireworks that release smoke. Although they emit smoke, they still have to be lit up in order to ignite the smoke.

6 May 2020

The Top Reasons To Choose A Science Party For Kids

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Why should you choose a science party for your child's next birthday? Take a look at the top reasons to consider this educational and entertaining idea for your little learner's next big day. Your Child Loves Science Play up your child's existing interests with a party theme you are sure they will enjoy. Whether your preschooler enjoys exploring everything outdoors or your elementary aged older child constantly talks about their fourth grade science class, this type of birthday party is perfect for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) enthusiasts.

21 February 2020