4 Different Types Of Great Fireworks For Memorial Day

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The start of summer will soon be here with Memorial Day. In many states, Memorial Day weekend is the start of the legal fireworks season, where you release fireworks and celebrate with lots of bright lights in the sky. When it comes to planning a great fireworks display, it helps to understand the options that are available to you.

Type #1: Smoke Bombs

Smoke bombs are fireworks that release smoke. Although they emit smoke, they still have to be lit up in order to ignite the smoke. They are usually shaped kind of like a small grenade and come in many different colors.

Smoke bombs work best during the day, as it can be harder to see the smoke at night. Smoke bombs are also great to light around dusk when you are getting ready to start your fireworks show.

Type #2: Fountains

One of the most popular types of fireworks is fountain fireworks. Fountain fireworks usually don't go too high in the air. However, they emit a range of colorful sparks, usually in different colors. Fountain fireworks are designed to sit flat on the ground.

This is a great firework for a small ground show. They come in different sizes, which impact how high the fountain of sparkles shoots into the air.

Type #3: Ground Spinners

Another great firework for a small ground show are ground spinners. Ground spinners are designed to spin around on the ground after they are lit. You can't completely control their direction once they are lit.

Ground spinners work best when lit on a flat surface, such as a cement or asphalt driveway. They let out sparks in all directions, so once you light them, you need to stand back. They are usually colorful and can kind of look like a flower.

Type #4: Aerial Repeaters

If you really want to put on a show, you are going to want to invest in a variety of aerial repeaters. Aerial repeaters contain multiple tubes of fireworks all self-contained within one container. When you lit the fuse for an aerial firework, each tube is set off in succession, shooting a shell into the air.

The firework goes off into the air, creating various colorful bursts and shapes depending on each firework you are using. Aerial repeaters allow you to create a show in the sky easily, as you only have to light one fuse.

If you are getting ready to put on a little firework show for your family and friends for Memorial Day, start with some lower ground fireworks, such as ground spinners and fountain fireworks, and end the show with a finale of aerial repeaters.

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6 May 2020

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