5 Types Of Inflatables To Consider Renting For Your Kid's Birthday Party

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Planning to have an extra special birthday party by renting a bounce house for your child? If so, you may not be aware that there are several types of rentable inflatables out there. Here are some suggestions about what you can rent.

Traditional Bounce House

You can always get a traditional bounce house that has a big open area for the kids to bounce while protected with netting on all four sides. This may be the best option for really young kids since it gives them space to spread out and be safe. There is even plenty of room for parents to come in with the kids and help them bounce.

Obstacle Course

Bounce houses are not limited to bouncing. There actually bounce houses that have an obstacle course for kids to run through. It can make birthday parties a blast since kids can race through the inflatable obstacle course and see who can get to the end first. Even if the bounce house is not used for racing the entire time, there is usually enough room for bouncing as well.


Slides can be a great way for kids to burn off energy since there is a large inflatable portion with a climbing wall that leads up to a slide. Much like with the obstacle course, there is plenty of room for solo bouncing as well. Depend on how big of a slide you rent, these bounce houses may need additional straps to secure it to the ground to make sure that it does not move at all. 

Basketball Court

If you have older kids that may want to do more than just bounce, consider renting an inflatable basketball court. They are big enough for older kids to actually have a game of basketball going, and have enough bounce where the kids can pull off some slam dunks. Turn it into a fun competition, and the kids will have a birthday that they remember.

Climbing Wall

Another way to challenge older kids is by renting an inflatable climbing wall. It can be a competition to see how high up on the wall they can climb, with there typically being a flag or target at the time for them to touch. Once they reach the top, it's a free fall to the bottom as if they are going down a big slide. In addition, there is still plenty of room for bouncing at the bottom.

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10 November 2020

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