Ensuring Your Classic Car Show's Visitors Have Plenty Of Entertainment To Enjoy

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If you are in charge of hosting a classic car show as a charity event in the near future, you are most likely concerned about keeping those spectating on the premises so additional people passing by will be intrigued in stopping to take a look at the vehicles present themselves. There are several steps you can take to ensure those who attend your event have a good time, possibly landing you additional donations for the cause you are collecting money for as a result. Here are some tips you can use to make your classic car show a success.

Provide Musical Entertainment To Set The Mood

Hire a disc jockey to provide non-stop music throughout your event. Ask them to stick with songs about vehicles or doowop selections to keep car enthusiasts entertained while they show off and view vehicles. Hiring a disc jockey will also allow for you to have someone on hand to make announcements throughout the event as well as they will come prepared with speakers and a microphone. Those attending your event will be sure to stick around if there is musical entertainment provided as it will make the day festive for all. For more information, contact companies like Matty B Entertainment.

Make Sure Trophies Are Given To Winners

When you advertise your event, be sure to indicate there will be trophies given out to some of the vehicle owners near the end of the event. This will keep those present from leaving as they will want to know which vehicles were selected to win prizes. Your disc jockey can call out the names of the winners and allow them to bring their vehicles to a staging area to be appreciated by the crowd. Hand out the trophies and allow spectators to take photographs if desired.

Give Each Participant Individual Recognition

Many people visiting a car show will want to know a bit more about the vehicles registered in the event. Ask each participant to fill out a quick questionnaire at the time of registration. This information can then be read over the DJ's microphone to give those attending a few facts about each vehicle being shown. Indicating where the vehicle is parked will allow for attendees to head in its direction to take a closer look. This feature will be entertaining to those attending as well as exciting for those who enrolled their vehicle in the show as they will have some personal recognition.


7 June 2017

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