Party Prep Tips For A Memorable End-Of-Summer Celebration


If you've decided to throw an end-of-summer party this year, you may have visions of making this a grand event where you can invite the entire neighborhood as well as others nearby. To really make it the party of the year, you'll want to start planning early. Should you decide that you want to rent tables, chairs, and other supplies from a local party rental shop, there are some things that you'll want to know in advance to simplify the process. Here are some things to consider before you call.

Get Details About The Location

You'll be able to get more precise pricing on your rental if you know exactly where the party will be before you call. That's because knowing where the venue is and what kind of space you have makes it much easier to determine how many tables and chairs you'll be able to fit as well as what other equipment you might need.

For example, if there are no kitchen facilities onsite, you may be able to rent some hot tables and propane cooking ranges to provide food without having to pay a caterer. You'll also need to know if you'll have access to electricity around the area. If so, check how many outlets you'll be able to get to. If you're planning on hosting the party outdoors, you may instead need to rent a generator to power the lighting and any other equipment.

Finally, you'll get a more accurate quote if you know what time you'll be able to start setting up and what time everything needs to be broken down by. Ask about access for the delivery van as well. If the rental company won't be able to easily access the facility by driving up to the doors, you may have a surcharge for handling and setup.

Know What Supplies You'll Need

Especially if you're planning on serving food at the event, you need to be sure that you're clear about what supplies you're going to need. Check with the venue about what they may supply as part of your rental fee. For example, some facilities may actually supply you with coffee makers, serving utensils, linens, or other supplies. Don't overlook details like these as part of your rental agreement. Don't assume they'll be included—always ask first.

Know What's Permitted Outside

Outdoor parties are a great way to send off summer. Before you rent a large tent structure for your party, make sure you know what is permissible on the property. For example, the rental company may have options for pop-up tents that are staked as well as those that aren't. If you are concerned about wind or other weather issues, take the time to ask the venue about the possibility of staking the tents. Some venues won't want to have to fill in the holes from the spikes that keep the tent secure. In some cases, you may be permitted to do it only if you fill the holes back in before you leave. You can even fill in holes in asphalt if you're staking tents on pavement. Get the details and talk with the rental company in advance about it so that there isn't any confusion.

Make this year the one where you celebrate the end of summer with a huge bash that few are likely to forget. As you start planning your party, consider these tips to ensure that you're getting exactly what you hope for. Meet with your venue early in the process and cover all of the bases so that you can reach out to a party rental company, like Party People Rentals & Sales, and have all of the answers you need to get an accurate quote.


9 June 2017

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