Plan The Perfect Bowling Party For Your Child With These Three Tips

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Throwing a fun and exciting birthday party for kids can sometimes be difficult depending on the ages of everyone that is coming to the party. You want to be sure that all of the guests are able to have a great time and that no one has to sit out or is bored. Bowling can be a great option for a kid of just about any age. The following guide walks you through a few tips to use to ensure that the bowling party you plan is as fun and exciting as it can be.

Plan to Have the Party at a Reasonable Time

If you know that younger children will be coming to the party, plan to have it in the afternoon. This will ensure that they have all had ample time to have a nap and that they will not be sleepy like they would be if you had it at night.

Book Multiple Lanes at the Bowling Alley

When planning the party, you will need to book the lanes in advance. There are some people who make the mistake of trying to fit all of the children on one or two lanes, but this is not a good idea. Multiple children will be sitting around between their turns, which could lead to them being bored and starting complaining. Try to limit the number of children on each lane to five or six. Be sure to group younger children with younger children and older children with older children so that the older kids are not having to wait for the younger kids to go.

Have Accommodations Available for Younger Bowlers

Young children often have a hard time keeping the ball out of the gutters or getting it down the lane at all. There are ramps available that younger children can use to help them guide the ball where they want it to go. Also, there are gutter guards that you can have lowered to block the gutters so that there is no chance of younger children getting a gutter ball when they bowl.

When you book the party, be sure to specify what food you want to be served. Many bowling alleys have a selection of food from which you can choose to have served at the party. Find out if any children have any allergies in advance so alternative choices can be available for them to ensure that there is something for everyone to eat at your child's party. Contact a bowling alley like Sparetimes Bowling for additional advice.


12 September 2017

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