3 Reasons To Consider Hospital Pillow Speakers For Your Facility

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A hospital pillow speaker is a great addition to pretty much any type of medical facility, mostly because it can allow your patients to control a number of features throughout their room in a very convenient manner. These items are basically small remotes that are attached near the hospital bed that have a small speaker built into them so that patients can easily control and hear the television in their rooms. Listed below are three reasons to consider hospital pillow speakers for your facility.

They Can Interface With Most Television Brands

One of the biggest benefits provided by modern hospital pillow speakers is that they can interface with most television brands. In most cases, this is due to the fact that these modern hospital pillow speakers will come with a small device that you can attach to pretty much any brand of television that will allow the hospital pillow speaker remote to perform all of the necessary actions, such as controlling the volume, powering the television on and off, and changing the channel. This is especially beneficial to you because it means that you will not have to worry about replacing all of your televisions to a certain brand or only having to shop for televisions that are compatible, you can simply go with whatever televisions are within your budget and that meet your facility's requirements and standards.

They Can Be Modified To Control Multiple Systems

Another reason to consider hospital pillows speakers is that they can be modified to control multiple systems. For example, in addition to controlling the television, hospital pillows speakers can be modified to control the lighting within the hospital room or to contact the nursing staff in the event of an emergency or if the patients need some kind of assistance.

They Can Help Make Hospital Rooms Quieter

Finally, you will want to consider hospital pillow speakers because they can help make the rooms within your hospital quite a bit quieter for your patience. The reason that this is possible is that many of these hospital pillow speakers will actually have an auxiliary jack on the side of the remote that will allow your patients to plug-in a set of headphones. This is beneficial to everyone in the hospital room as it means that if the room is shared, one of the individuals in the room is not going to have to be disturbed if they want to sleep while their roommate wants to watch television.

Speak with a medical supply company or hospital pillow speaker manufacturer, such as ProTVSolutions, in order to discuss the various models that are available and to determine which available model would be the best fit for your budget and the needs of your facility. You will want to consider hospital pillow speakers for your facility because they can interface with most television brands, can be modified to control multiple systems, and can help make hospital rooms quite a bit quieter.


13 October 2017

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