Ways That A Shot Timer Will Help You At The Shooting Range

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Whether you've just bought a new pistol or you've visited your local gun shop to buy some ammunition or accessories, there's one valuable product that you might not automatically think to pick up. A shot timer might not seem as exciting as your pistol or its accessories, but this tool is valuable when it comes to practicing at the shooting range. This is especially true if you plan to carry the pistol concealed on your body as a tool for self-defense. A shot timer can measure a number of things, which can help you to determine just how quick you are. Practicing your accuracy at the range is important, but unless you're also quick, your pistol won't provide much help in a self-defense situation. Here are some ways that a shot timer will help you.

Measuring Draw Speed

When you're using a pistol for self-defense, the speed at which you can draw the firearm and get your shot on target can be the difference between life and death—it's impossible to overstate the importance of drawing your handgun quickly. Without a shot timer, you won't accurately know how quickly you can draw the weapon; what might seem like a quick draw may not actually be the case. A shot timer beeps to tell you to draw your weapon and then marks your time when the device's microphone detects your discharge. You can then compare this number against those of your shooting friends and seek to lower it.

Measuring Succession Of Shots

If you need to fire your pistol to defend yourself, there's seldom value in shooting only once. Even if you're protecting yourself against just one attacker who is threatening your life, the general rule to follow is to keep shooting until the attacker is no longer a threat—in other words, until you have incapacitated him or her. As such, it's valuable to be able to empty your clip, if necessary, as quickly as possible. The timing of your first shot is critical, but following up with subsequent shots is just as important. You can set your shot timer to cut off after your last shot, letting you know how quickly you moved through your magazine.

Measuring Reload Speed

Reloading your weapon isn't often needed in self-defense situations, but you always want to be able to perform this task quickly. Fumbling with a spare magazine costs valuable seconds, and if another attack is coming, failing to be ready to fire can cost you your life. Your shot timer can also measure the speed at which you reload so that you can work to improve this time.

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25 January 2018

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