Planning To Visit An Amusement Park? Consider Going At These Times

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Visiting an amusement park with your family can make for an entertaining day that creates lots of memories. Whether your kids are young enough that you go around as a family, or they're older and you split up once you're through the park's gates, everyone will have a good time at the amusement park. When visiting an amusement park, one of the challenges that people encounter is large crowds, prompting long waits in line before rides. Fortunately, you can often avoid such delays by figuring out the best time to visit. Here are some suggestions.

Visit During The Week

You'll typically find that amusement parks are most crowded on weekends, given that's when most people have the time to visit. If you have the flexibility to do so, consider going during the workweek. A lot of people will have this idea, but you'll almost always find that the park is less crowded Monday through Friday. Whether you take a day off work specially for this purpose or visit the park during your summer vacation, you'll get more bang for your buck by not having to wait in line nearly as long as on weekends.

Visit When The Weather Is Bad

A lot of people will check the forecast when they're planning to visit an amusement park. Warm and sunny conditions are favorable, especially if the park has water-based attractions. If you're really averse to standing in line longer than necessary, another option for you to consider is to visit the park when the weather isn't as good. This doesn't mean that you need to go during a downpour. Even a day that is gray with threats of occasional showers can keep a lot of people away — resulting in shorter lines for you and your family.

Visit After Labor Day

Some amusement parks end for the season around Labor Day, but many will continue to operate. Check the schedule of the park that you're thinking about visiting, and then consider making a post-Labor Day visit. With children back in school and most adults back at work, amusement parks can be very quiet on these days. You'll have to pull your children out of school for the outing, but they probably won't object to your decision. A visit at this time of year will give your family the ability to enjoy more rides and attractions and spend less time standing in line.


27 February 2019

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