Want To Try A VIP Tailgate Party? What You Should Be Getting For Your Bucks

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Dollars well-spent are dollars enjoyed, right? That said, you could throw a VIP tailgate party for your next special occasion and/or when your favorite sports team is playing a home game. It costs a few bucks, and there is usually a minimum requirement for people because of the number of tickets these entertainment groups buy in bulk. Still, if you think you can get ten people together for such an event, it can definitely be worth your dollars. Here is what you should be getting when you book your VIP tailgate party.

Game Tickets for Everyone

You will need a head count for the entertainment group because they only have so many tickets to spread around for these events. If you are not sure, aim high and then adjust your number two weeks before the event so that the entertainment group can sell or offer extra tickets to other VIP groups. The tickets are not standard seats, either; they are usually box or premium seats. (Hence, the VIP treatment title attached to this type of event.)

Tailgate Trailer

A premium trailer is parked on the stadium's parking lot closest to the stadium doors. (Your group gets to enter before anyone else does.) This allows you to stay warm and dry, if the day is cold and/or wet, and it has plenty of room for people to eat and drink and have a good time. 

Catered Food Cooked Onsite and Open Bar

It is not a tailgate party without BBQ and booze/beer. All VIP events have catered food with a menu you can select from, and the food is cooked on a grill on the lot by your trailer. There is an open bar with beer, wine, and various cocktails and mixers, too. 

Entrance Ahead of the Crowds

These events ensure that you are able to get into the stadium ahead of everyone else, find your premium seats or box, and relax before the game even begins. There is no pushing, shoving, yelling, or trying to figure out where you are supposed to go. A guide handling all of your VIP arrangements will take you inside the stadium and straight to your seats. If you need anything else after that, you can usually text or call the group manager and get what you need delivered to you where you are sitting. Sometimes you can even get your bar and catered food in your box. 


18 April 2019

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