3 Reasons To Give Your Teen Daughter A PMS Survival Kit

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For females, the arrival of their menstruation cycle is their welcome into the world of womanhood. Unfortunately, it's not always met with a cheer. However, there are ways to make your daughter feel a least a little better about this natural, yet important, change to her body, and it comes in the form of a PMS survival kit. Learn why these kits are great for young women.

1. Teachable Moment

By the time a girl reaches her teenage years, she has heard a thing or two about premenstrual syndrome (PMS). However, nothing will prepare her for her own experience. While PMS-suffering characters on television are often depicted as being fragile and erratic during this period, it's not the case for every person.

Some women experience food cravings, anxiety, and intense pain during this period. A survival kit is a great way to teach your daughter what to expect. For example, you could put one of her favorite snacks, a meditation DVD, and a heating pad inside the kit and explain to her why she might need these things or how they can help. 

2. Ease Fears

If there were ever a poll asking what young girls felt the first time they got their cycle, the overwhelming majority of people would likely say fear. Not only is this transition a shift towards becoming an adult, but teenage girls are a first-hand witness to their body making changes they never imagined.

The kit is a great way to bring some lightheartedness to the situation and make your daughter feel less frightened or concerned about everything that is going on. 

3. Celebration

While family planning and other adult responsibilities are way down the line, for females, the start of her cycle is a major milestone in her growth and development. It's an outward sign that she's maturing and growing up, and it's a moment that should be celebrated.

A survival kit is about more than just giving your daughter what she needs, it's also a way to make her feel special and celebrate her moment. To make her feel even more special, make sure you choose items for the kit that reflect her, such as item fashioned in her favorite color. 

When it comes to PMS survival kits, it's all about creativity. You can purchase a kit that's already made from a place like Around the Clock Gifts, add to an existing kit, or put your creative hat on and make your own. Whatever you do, remember it's all in fun and a great way to help ease your daughter's fears. 


21 May 2019

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