Why You Shouldn't Combine A Home Theater And Game Room

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Two places inside of any home that are synonymous with having a good time are a home theater and a game room. If you're remodeling your residence and want to include both of these areas, you might consider the idea of adding them both to one large room. It can seem to make sense — initially, at least — to have a theater, seating, and some recreational options inside of a single room. If possible, it's ideal if you can avoid having a game room share space with your home theater. Here are some reasons that these two spaces don't work well together.

Noise Concerns

Imagine watching a movie and coming to a tense part of the plot, or enjoying a sporting event that is coming down to the final minutes — only to be distracted by the sound of a family member or friend playing pool just a few yards away from you. This is a scenario that can hinder the home theater experience for you and anyone alongside you who is focused on the big screen. People commonly enjoy watching movies and sporting events in relative quiet so that they can concentrate, but many of the attractions in a game room are noisy. Pool, air hockey, darts, and arcade games all produce sounds that can be disruptive.

Lighting Conflicts

People who want to watch something in a home theater generally want the space to be dark — or, at the very least, dimly lit. This can work well when no one else is trying to use the room for a different purpose, but immediately becomes a challenge when people are trying to play games. Pool and darts, for example, require a considerable amount of light to play effectively; there's little value in playing either game if you can't see well enough to aim properly. This can result in conflicts about the lighting among those who are using the shared space.

Decoration Issues

It might be less of a concern than the two above points, but it can be difficult to appropriately decorate a space that you're using as a home theater and a game room. It's a lot of fun to decorate either space. A home theater might have classic movie posters on the walls, while a game room might have a variety of games mounted on or positioned against the walls — darts and arcade basketball, for example. It can thus be difficult to know how to best decorate the space. For more information, contact a local entertainment specialist, such as Florida Villa Entertainment Services.


21 November 2019

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