Common Instruments Used in Horror Movie Soundtracks

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One of the key elements of a successful horror movie is the soundtrack. A horror film score can breathe a whole new life of its own, including horror vinyl collections that fans like to collect and listen to more than the movies. When listening to horror motion picture soundtrack vinyl collections, you will come across some key instruments that have become a signature of the genre.

Learn about the instruments and what to listen for each time you play a horror movie soundtrack record.

1. Piano

Some of the simple horror movie soundtracks rely on basic piano notes to build suspense. One press of a deep piano key can create an ominous sensation. Chase scenes in horror films are often complimented with fast-paced piano playing to match up with a character running away.

A surprise moment may be accompanied by a striking piano chord. The piano may play on its own or mix with other instruments like drums to make the moments more impactful. When you listen to the quieter moments of a horror movie soundtrack, you will notice the piano stand out.

2. Violin

Before digital music production became the norm in horror movies, many filmmakers relied on string instruments to create soundtracks. One of the more common string instruments used was the violin. Quick movements on a violin could often represent a scream or shriek from characters.

A fast-paced orchestra playing the violin could add a natural intensity to scenes. During some of the slower moments, a violin adds beauty to a scene and helps set the mood. For example, a dinner scene could feature violin tracks to create an elegant sound and make viewers seem like everything was perfectly fine before some of the more intense moments started.

3. Synthesizers

In the 1970s and 1980s, horror movies began transitioning to the use of synthesizers for horror movie soundtracks. The digital keyboards could create sounds that felt out of this world and really fit the world of horror movies. The random sound effects and designs have led to some iconic soundtracks and allowed composers to really present unique sounds for films.

When you listen to albums of your favorite horror movies, you can hear layers of synthesizers with deep sounds and tones. Synthesizer sound effects are often mixed in with the music. You may hear the sound of metal clanging, the sound of lasers, and different noises associated with scene locations.

The more you listen to horror movie soundtracks, the more you will notice different sound elements. 


22 January 2021

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