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When it comes to staying informed of the news, there are many different resources for national and international information. However, many people struggle with finding information associated with their local news. The good news is that local news doesn't have to be such a challenge to find, even if you're trying to find your news online. Here's a look at a few popular places to find local online news coverage so you can stay informed of the news in your community.

Local News Stations

Most areas have some form of local news coverage, whether it's a local television station or even a college broadcasting station. The easiest way to locate these stations is to reach out to your local college or even call your chamber of commerce. They will have information about where you can find these local broadcasting stations online and will even be able to tell you if they are subscription-based or freely accessible.

Town Social Media Accounts

With social media taking such a central role in today's society, social media accounts are another great way to keep up with your local news. Everything from local police departments to your township, city, or borough leadership will be likely to offer social media accounts where you can stay informed of the local news.

Additionally, most local newspapers have gotten on the social media bandwagon as well. You can often find local breaking news on your local newspaper's social media accounts and you may also get a link to their website if they have one.

Independent News Platforms

In recent years, an increased focus has been placed on bias in news coverage. Amidst this revolution, independent journalism has become far more popular. There are a large number of independent news platforms online offering local news coverage shared by independent journalists and other contributors in the area. You'll get a variety of perspectives, and you may even be able to find events covered on these platforms that don't reach your mainstream media or town social media.

Community Newspapers

While print newspapers are still available in most areas, subscription rates for these hardcopies have declined significantly in recent years. With so much information online, people are turning to their online news sources instead of getting the local newspaper every day. 

As a result, local community newspapers have had to adapt to this changing atmosphere. In addition to producing reduced numbers of printed newspapers, most of these providers are also offering local news coverage online for a lower subscription fee than the printed counterpart.


10 May 2021

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