First Time At A Casino? Casino Etiquette Tips

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If you plan to visit a casino for the first time soon, then you may be excited to have fun playing your favorite card games while you enjoy the casino environment. However, you may also be a little apprehensive that you will say or do something that others find inappropriate or offensive due to a lack of casino etiquette knowledge.

Read on to learn a few important casino etiquette tips that everyone should know before visiting a casino. 

Know Who You Should Tip

While tips, also called gratuities, are always considered optional, not tipping a casino employee whose tips make up part of their income is similar to not tipping a waiter or waitress at a restaurant. For this reason, you should understand who you should tip at a casino and how much you should tip. 

If a valet driver parks your vehicle when you arrive at the casino, then you should tip them several dollars to show your appreciation. In addition, the cocktail waitress who provides your drinks should be tipped at least one dollar per cocktail they serve you. 

Finally, while casino dealers appreciate tips from all people who play at their tables, it is expected that those who win money tip them about 10 percent of their winnings. While you can tip your dealer in cash, they also appreciate casino chips and can cash them in just as patrons do at the end of their shifts. 

Leave Your Smartphone in Your Purse or Pocket

You are not expected to leave your smartphone behind when you enter a casino. However, you should leave it in your pocket or purse when you are at a game table. Not only is talking on your cell phone when playing a casino game rude, but casino staff members typically frown on the use of cell phones during gameplay, because these phones are filled with technology that could potentially be used to cheat when playing a game. 

In addition, most casinos have prohibited the use of cameras in their facilities for many years, so do not use your smartphone's camera to take photos inside of any casino unless you ask permission from a staff member first. 

Learn and Utilize Blackjack Hand Signals

Blackjack is a popular casino card game often played by card game beginners, so you may plan to play this game when you arrive at the casino. However, before you play, you must learn proper blackjack hand signal usage. Hand signals are used during blackjack games to eliminate the potential to mishear a card player's important requests. 

Instead of telling the dealer "hit me," instead brush your cards gently against the table or make a brushing motion behind them with your hand. To inform the dealer that you would like to instead stand, wave your hand in front of you instead. 

Remember these casino etiquette tips during your first casino visit to ensure you do not accidentally offend the casino staff or patrons while having fun. 


6 August 2021

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