3 Things To Look For When Renting A Golf Cart On Vacation

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Golf carts have been a staple on golf courses around the world for a long time. You may have noticed that golf carts are expanding beyond the links and becoming more common on city streets. This is especially true in areas that serve as popular vacation destinations.

Renting a golf cart can provide you with reliable transportation while you are visiting a community. You can use a golf cart to travel short distances without using up a lot of gas.

To ensure that your golf cart is capable of meeting your needs, here are three things that you should be looking for when renting a golf cart for your next vacation.

1. Must-Have Amenities

A golf cart can be as plain or as advanced as you like. Rental companies typically offer golf carts with varying levels of amenities. You will need to evaluate your unique needs to determine which amenities would be most helpful to you during your vacation.

Some people enjoy a golf cart equipped with a stereo system. Others want a golf cart equipped with a luggage rack to hold shopping bags and other personal items.

You should take the climate in your vacation spot into consideration when renting a golf cart as well. If it will be particularly hot and humid where you plan to travel, renting a golf cart that is fully enclosed and equipped with an air conditioning system will be very beneficial.

Once you know which amenities you can't go without, you will be able to rent the right golf cart for your upcoming vacation.

2. Passenger Accommodations

Another piece of information that you will need in order to rent the right golf cart for your vacation is the number of people in your party.

Traditional golf carts are designed to hold two passengers. The golf carts that are available for rent in vacation destinations have been redesigned to accommodate a larger group. You can choose from a four-passenger or six-passenger design when renting your vacation golf cart.

Larger golf carts allow you to rent a single vehicle to transport everyone in your vacation party simultaneously. This reduces your transportation costs and can help you avoid wasting time waiting for multiple vehicles to travel between destinations while you are vacationing.

3. Street-Legal Features

The golf cart that you rent for your vacation must be able to legally travel on municipal roadways. In order to be considered street-legal, a golf cart needs to have several basic safety features.

You should always verify that a golf cart is equipped with a windshield, a horn, side mirrors, signal lights, brake lights, seat belts, and headlights before you finalize your rental.

The safety features required to make a golf cart street-legal allow you to safely operate the golf cart alongside passenger vehicles. You will be able to travel on most city roads with lower speed limits when you rent a street-legal golf cart. If your golf cart is not equipped with street-legal features, you may be ticketed by local police if you try to take the golf cart on any public roadways.

Transportation is a major part of any vacation plan. Renting a golf cart allows you to access private transportation without breaking the bank.

It's more convenient to find parking for a golf cart because of its smaller size. In popular tourist destinations, the mobility and versatility of a golf cart can prove much more beneficial than using a rental car to get around.

Work with a vacation golf cart rental company to find a golf cart that is equipped with the amenities, safety features, and seats to accommodate your travel needs.


18 October 2021

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