Three Tips For Successfully Throwing An Axe

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If you'll soon be attending your first axe throwing outing, you'll be excited to test yourself against your fellow competitors. Learning a few tips about how to successfully throw the axe can help you to feel confident as you step to the throwing line. While an employee of the center will provide a tutorial when your group arrives, knowing a few things in advance may help you to be more proficient. Here are some tips that you can use to throw your axe successfully.

Use Both Hands

When you look around the axe throwing center, there's a good chance that you'll see a handful of people who are throwing their axes with just one hand. This is a technique that people sometimes employ when they have considerable experience with this activity — and isn't something that you'll want to attempt during your first outing. Instead, it's a good idea to hold the axe with both hands. When you use both hands and swing your arms together in a straight line over the top of your head, there's a higher probability that your axe will fly straight toward the wooden target. Accuracy during one-handed throws, especially for a beginner, can be a challenge.

Maintain Consistent Arm Speed

It's important to learn how to keep your arm speed consistent when you throw an axe. From the moment that you release the axe until it reaches its target, it will rotate a few times. The faster you move the arms, the more the axe will rotate. Once you've taken a practice toss and had the axe stick into the wooden target, you'll want to remember how quickly you moved your arms and maintain this speed. Changing your arm speed can cause the axe to hit the target with its handle, which will cause it to fall to the floor.

Follow Through After Release

When you open your hands to let go of the axe, you shouldn't stop the movement of your arms. Even though doing so might be tempting, it's important to continue to allow your arms to follow their trajectory. Attempting to stop your arms from moving as you release the axe can often cause it to fall short of its target. Keep each of these simple tips in mind as you make your warm-up throws and once the friendly competition with the other members of your group begins. Contact a local axe throwing venue, such as Axe Kicking Entertainment, to book a visit. 


15 March 2022

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